Friday, January 11, 2008

Benevento/Russo/Barr @ Sullivan Hall 1/10/08

Another big winner last night. It was pretty crowded 1st set. People kept saying it was the Benevento/Russo lineup. I know I found myself thinking of it as The Duo + 1 at times. A great 1, by the way. I was probably feeling the vibe of the crowd. I even heard someone comment how they were happy they weren’t playing many Duo songs. I know I wasn’t expecting any myself. But, then again, I’m spoiled and I’ve seen things so many different forms these 2 play with over the years.

Marco + Joe Russo (drums), Brad Barr (guitar)

Really, it was just another whole new band who it would be nice to see do their own tour some day. It was different from when they play with Scott Metzger, the only thing that comes to mind to describe it is “spacier”, “jammier in a different way”.

The venue really didn’t bother me last night, even in spite of the crowd. I found a spot on the left over by the rail where I could groove and not get bumped around too much. It was a little cooler over there and I didn’t really want to deal with winding in and out the crowd or going way in the back. I guess there’s plenty of things that could make the venue worse. Actually, the old Lion’s Den WAS worse. I’m very happy they did sound improvements, but I must admit, I don’t think it was enough. I think that’s because of how great Ribot sounded the night before at Drom. In spite of the challenges, I did enjoy being there and didn’t think once at the time that I hated the venue. That’s about the best I can say about it in this moment.

The first set went from about 10:30ish to 11:30. I walked in around 10 and the opening band was just ending. After the 1st set the room cleared out a little, but there were still plenty of people there. It was kind of the ideal size crowd for me for the 2nd set. Plenty of people who were into it, but I didn’t have to be back that far to be able to dance and see with a little bit of room.

Joe Russo! I realized I didn’t see him at all in 2007. I was either out of town, or opted out of Fat Mama and A Big Yes and Small No. He’s also in a bunch of bands I’m not that interested in myself. Boy did I miss him! He was especially blowing me away the 2nd set, but that may have been because I had a little more room, etc.

The 2nd set was even more to my liking because John Ellis played the entire set. I loved the 1st set, I just loved the 2nd one even more. Again, more room helped. They went back on around 12:10 and I left at around 1:10, when they were still on. I would have loved to have stayed til the very end, but decided it was time to go. I kind of like leaving while the music is still playing at times. It’s kind of like you don’t get the anti-climax of the show ending. I do wonder if they did an encore. They didn’t last week and there was no opener so everything was earlier.

I did just notice on their website I could have purchased a 5 night pass at 30% discount. Oh well, I just didn’t think to buy in advance as I like to avoid fees and stay loose until the day of. I’m am thinking about buying in advance for the one with Skerik, Billy Martin, and Calvin Weston. I’d hate to risk missing that one and I have no idea if the masses think it’s a hot ticket or not. I obviously do.

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