Monday, January 28, 2008

Dave Binney Group & Uri Caine’s Bedrock 1/27/08

I was thinking of going to The Stone first for Terry Adams/Rosewell Rudd, but I couldn’t get out in time. I am glad I showed up at around 8:50 for Dave Binney. It was very enjoyable, lively jazz. They actually did a 1.5 hour set. It was great, but I was anxious to see the next band. I was especially intrigued to see Isabelle Pupo-Walker hanging around as I don’t see her out at many shows. Turns out she was playing with Bedrock for the 1st time. What a great addition to an already great band! It was grooving and awesome for the whole 50 minute set. It was great to have a percussionist. I enjoyed it and I hope they play more often.

Uri Caine is absolutely amazing. I kind of forgot, since it’s been a while. I decided I have to go to his ensemble at Joe’s Pub tonight.

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