Friday, January 4, 2008

Upcoming: Uri Caine’s Bedrock Trio + Dave Binney Group

Uri Caine’s Bedrock! I only saw them once at the 55 Bar and it was amazing. I had just started venturing more into jazz and I was asking around about who to check out. Chip pointed me to Uri Caine. The next show was Bedrock on a very very cold winter night at 55 Bar. I had no idea what I was going to, and it was really cold. I mean way colder than the past couple of days. It was my first time waiting in line at 55 Bar and I think I made it into the 1st set. The fact that there was such a line and the enthusiasm in that line made me want to brave it for a while.

I get into the little tiny space and get a standing/dancing spot up by the service bar area. No one asked me to stop, as the rules technically are it’s against the law for more than 2 people to be moving in a synchronized fashion without a cabaret license. That lady that owned it was very cool and only asked me to stop once, when there were about 4 of us dancing at Wayne Krantz.

Again, I had no idea what I was going to, just the recommendation of Uri Caine and the observations in line. I was intrigued and slightly worried when I saw each of the guys, Zach Danziger, Uri, and Tim Lefebvre had a laptop. I had no idea what they would be doing hooked up to the computers. It struck me as very strange.

I can’t really describe what happened in that room, but it was amazing. I still think about the feeling I got from that show, even though I don’t really remember details. It looked impossible to get into the 2nd set, so I didn’t try, but perhaps I should have gotten into line right away, just in case. I think it was Winter of 2003, but I’m not really sure.

That show set me down the path of looking for different music and taking a chance on anything that looked good. It was such a great experience.

Here’s a great article from AAJ:

Any way, Adam is trying to help fill the void left by the closing of Tonic, and it looks like he’s off to a great start. Below is his spiel as well as the next show. I’m going to pick up a ticket to this show at the box office soon. I would think it will sell out also. I was planning on getting there soon for my Winter Jazzfest ticket anyway, just because I want it in my possession. I was going to write a post about going to the box offices and saving the fees, but then this came up so I’ll do that one another time. Oh, and Dave Binney is always great, so this show looks like a big winner.

With the close of Tonic last year, New York City lost a major venue for experimental jazz, as well as one of the last great mid-size clubs to see ANY jazz where you aren't charged an arm and a leg and a drink minimum (Iridium, Vanguard, Blue Note etc...). People are waiting in lines out the door for great shows at the Stone, 55 Bar, and the Jazz Gallery constantly, but because of the size of those clubs, it becomes an exclusive affair, on available to other musicians, and those in the know willing to spend the time camping out. I believe that in order to create a sustainable jazz community we need to make great jazz more open to the public.

In an attempt to do just that, I'm starting a series at the Knitting Factory called "Search and Restore." It's a monthly affair right now, but I want to blow the first show out so that we can make it bi-monthly, or even weekly. It will be at the Tap Bar, the middle room in the Knitting Factory, 200 capacity, grand piano. I also will be booking only double bills, to provide for a more communal aspect of the live jazz show. No drink minimum, no emptying out after a set. Standing room and seats, and hopefully this more casual jazz environment will foster a setting where people can feel as though they're part of something.

I've also arranged for the shows to be sponsored by Other Music. We're going to be recording every set through a few room mics and soundboard feed into protools, mix and master it, and the set will be up for download on the Other Music website two days after the show. It can only do good things for the scene to get more recordings out there.

Sunday, January 27th
Search and Restore: Jazz at the Knit
the Dave Binney band AND Uri Caine's Bedrock Trio
at the Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St., Manhattan, by Canal St. subway
all ages, 8 PM, $12 Advanced, $13 at the door, $10 for students at the door
this is the second edition of my jazz series at the Knit, and I couldn't be more excited by this bill. It will likely sell out so I recommend advanced tickets or showing up early. Hope to see you there!

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