Monday, December 31, 2007

Kenny Wollesen @ Zebulon 12/30/07

It was listed as Kenny Wollesen Special Project. Really, all Kenny projects are special. It was awesome and I loved every minute. It wasn't too crowded, but it wasn't dead, either. I was intrigued by this big steel tub of water Kenny put out so I had to sit up front. He was using it to dip gongs into as he played. It was quite interesting.

There were 2 drummer/percussionists and 1 other percussionist, in addition to Kenny. There was also an upright bass, an electric guitar, and a trombone and tenor sax.

Kenny played so many different things it's hard to list them all, or even remember them all. I don't know what some of that stuff was to begin with. He was amazing on the balloons. Lots of unique things including his special marching band bass drum we see him with often.

The first set was about 1.5 hours and it was awesome. Occasionally, Kenny was telling us a story of a mouse who was trying to find a sound and finally found it on the river. He would just occasionally tell us about the mouse throughout the set. It was grooving at times. There was also a lot of that beautiful, melancholy music I hear on the Zebulon cds. He's got a piece on each cd and they are amazing.

When the mouse got to the river the music reminded of NOLA. It was really great.

The 2nd set was about an hour, and a bunch of us were up dancing in the front. It was really awesome. A guy in a Mule shirt and his date got us started with a dance floor. Before that, a few of us were dancing off to the side. It was so much fun!

It was also very influenced by Sun Ra. They even did a little "Space is the Place" chanting at times. I have a feeling a lot of it will be similar to what's coming up at The Stone on 1/1. They didn't read much poetry, but it will still probably be similar.

It was fabulous and I'm so glad I'm on vacation and could make it for the whole thing. It ended around 1:45. I started vacation last Fri, was starting to get on the late schedule, but ended up back on the early schedule when I went to FL for Christmas. I'm glad I seem to be back on the late sched again.

Here's the listing for The Stone for tomorrow:
1/1 Tuesday (CW)
8 pm
Kenny Wollesen's Himalayas Marching Band
Kenny Wollesen and a host of anarchistic zanies
An experience of unbridled madness. Bring in the new year with this outrageous and impossible ensemble party!

10 pm
The Wollesens with poetry and prose by Sun Ra
Kenny Wollesen (drums) and his new unit
An evening of Wollesen music and readings from another planet channeling the galactic traveller Sun Ra.

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