Friday, November 30, 2007

Henry Butler @ Iridium 11/29/07

Last night was wonderful. We went to Delta Grill for dinner and then we went to Iridium for Henry Butler. Iridium really is awesome for a nice jazz club in the middle of the tourist area, when it’s not too crowded. Even when it is, it’s not bad, just not as nice as when it isn’t. You have a little more space and the servers are a little more attentive, because they have more time. The food is pretty good as well, it’s just a little pricey. We wanted the full NOLA experience, or as close as we could get, so we had to have NOLA food, too.

We got a great table, just off the side in the front row. Juls noted there was plenty of room to dance on the left side of the stage and dance we did. At set break, the musicians commented how nice it was to have some dancers. I get that a lot. Usually, we get a better show, even if it’s only a couple of people dancing. I’ve also realized the only places that enforce the cabaret laws are the smaller places that are concerned they will get into trouble if they try to use it as a noise control measure. When I think about it, there’s only a few that won’t let me. I just get upset because it’s the few I really want to dance in, like 55 Bar and The Living Room.

Anyway, Donald Harrison played the whole time. The bass and drums were great, although I can’t remember their names. After a couple of long great jazz tunes Davell Crawford came out and sang Bourbon Street Parade. That’s what got me and Juls up, we wanted to 2nd line around the club, but figured that was too much. We also danced to the next song. After that, Davell whispered something to Henry and then told us they were going to do a song written by his grandfather in 1950 something. It was Iko Iko. Wikipedia says it was written by Sugar Boy Crawford and it looks like Offbeat concurs.

Anyway, that got Davell’s friend, who looked like he was from NOLA up dancing right next to us and the audience singing along. It was awesome! Then he left the stage and we got another few songs. That set ran for about 1.5 hours, which was pretty good.

Then, as always with Iridium, we were allowed to stay for the 2nd set for no additional cover, just a $10 min each, because it wasn’t sold out. They came back on around 10:50 and I had to go at 11:30, but I heard they ended at 12:18.

It was phenomenal and I highly recommend getting there sometime this weekend. Tonight the special guest is Dr. Michael White and Kermit Ruffins is the special guest on Sun night. Donald Harrison is playing every night.

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