Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jamie Saft @ The Stone 11/10/07

2 great sets and a delicious whoopie pie. If you bought a Whoopie Pie cd, it came with a free whoopie pie made by Jamie's wife. It was delicious. It's whipped cream in between 2 oval chocolate cake things. I'm looking foward to listening to the cd tomorrow at work - the show was awesome.

1st up was Saft and Previte, Doom Jazz. There's a cd for that as well, but it isn't quite ready. They just finished the art work and I'm sure it's a great cd. The setup was Previte facing Jamie's piano, with his back to most of the seats. I chose to sit behind Jamie, so I could watch Bobby. He brought his own drum kit, and the cymbals looked really nice. I'm more focused on cymbals ever since I saw Peter Apfelbaum bring his own a fews weeks ago to put on the house kit.

Jamie mainly played his deeper sounding, very vibrational electric bass. He played his other electric bass for a couple of songs. It was fun to feel the vibrations as well as listen to those awesome low tones. Jamie sat at the piano and would play that while holding the bass. Previte was amazing as well. I would describe the music as avant garde hard rock. It didn't feel too noisy, I was worried I didn't bring earplugs, but I didn't feel like I needed them.

Whoopie Pie is Jamie Saft, Bill McHenry, and Mike Pride. Stellar! That had more melody and structure than Doom Jazz. The melody seemed to be coming more from the bass and the sax was just fitting in nicely with his own thing. No piano this set. He played both basses at different times. It was great. I felt great after those 2 sets.

They were filming, they had taper Bill there and 2 camera guys with a light. Bobby also had his own camera. I'm not sure what they are planning on doing with all of that.

I wanted just a little more, so I stopped at Louis 649 on my way home for a couple of guitar trio songs. Another excellent band. It was pretty crowded, but I was able to stand up front, right in front of the band, and drown out all the talkers. The owner even let me slide on the $7 minimum. Maybe because I was standing out of the way, it was late and crowded, and he might have known I wasn't going to stay long, or maybe he just wanted to let me slide unless I stayed a bit. At least I'm assuming he let me slide because we made eye contact/acknowledgment and he didn't guesture I needed to buy something. Of course I still tipped the band. That's all they get since it's a no cover place.

Anyway, a really nice evening. I have a high tea to go to today, but I'm hoping to be able to catch the Albert Ayler film at Anthology Film archives. I'm running out of time.
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