Friday, November 2, 2007

La Buya!

I saw La Buya at Zebulon last night. It was great, as always. That was the first time I saw them without Cochemea, I think he's on tour with Sharon Jones. It was still great, but I also missed him. There was a trombone and a keyboard player and both percussionists were there. I didn't recognize the bass player. I didn't get there until about 10:45. I hadn't realized there was a good latin jazz band earlier, Scram, which included Todd Sickafoose and Olivia Pupo-Walker. I would have probably gone earlier had I realized that.

I love Zebulon, even though there are often lots of talkers. It just doesn't matter as much because it's got such a great vibe. No one ever cares if I'm dancing, even if it's blocking their view. I have both of their CDs, which supports the club. They are both incredibly excellent and 2 of my favorites. I think they are only $10 each as well.

The 2nd set cleared out a little, but still had a good crowd. This was the first time I recall a band saying they were going to take a short break, and they came back on in less than 1/2 hour. The break was about 20 min and the 2nd set was about 40 minutes. Lots of listeners 2nd set and it was awesome. They had 2 extra percussionists sit in at the end of the first set. It was awesome.

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