Monday, December 3, 2007

Liberty Ellman @ The Stone 12/1/07

I only made it to 1 hour of live music last weekend. It was a good one, though. It was the 8pm Sat show at The Stone, the very first set of Vijay Iyer’s curating. It was a nice way to start.

Liberty Ellman/Brandon Ross QuartetLiberty Ellman (guitar) Brandon Ross (guitar) Brad Jones (bass) Damion Reid (drums)

It was basically spacey, psychedelic type jazz. It reminded me of Project Z, maybe a little mellower. I really enjoyed the set and thought they were all great. They said they did a Duke Ellington song, but I don’t remember anything from him being so spacey. I assume they put their own spin on it.

I’m listening to the Project Z cd right now. I really like this, too:

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