Monday, November 5, 2007

Mark Taylor Group @ Jimmy's 11/4/07

I got back in time for a little music last night. I was too tired to wait for Billy Martin's 10pm set at The Stone, so I opted for the 9pm show at Jimmy's No. 43. Every Sun night, there are 2 shows of music for $10 each at 7 and 9. Dee Pop of Radio I-Ching set it up. He used to curate it, and now he has a different curator every month. It's a nice tiny little room to the side of a restaurant with an impressive beer list. I think I ate there before and the food is pretty good. I think it's organic, farm fresh kind of stuff.

I'm not sure if I ever saw any of these 4 in the Mark Taylor Group. I can't even remember their names. Mark Taylor had 2 different flugelhorns. There was a vibraphone player and a bass and drums. I thought they were all great and especially liked the bass player. Mark was pretty into leaving things open and letting the artists play what they want. Yet, the music sounded pretty structured. It was very enjoyable for the 2 of us who attended and Mark's wife.

I tend to see 2-8 people in the audience whenever I go. It's a shame because it's early enough and great. I'm so glad they still do it. It's been going on for a while now, definitely over a year, maybe 2 or more. I can't remember exactly.

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