Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Stone + Jessica Lurie 11/28/07

I first went to the 8pm set at The Stone. I enjoyed Jeremiah’s curation this month, so I wanted to check him out. He plays avant-garde clarinet. I was happy to see that Matt, the guy who used to always volunteer to work the door in the early days was playing. It was good, creative music. I love seeing them play their instruments in completely different ways.

Ned Rothenberg, Matthew Welch and Jeremiah CymermanNed Rothenberg (Bb and bass clarinet, alto sax, shakuhachi) Matthew Welch (alto and soprano sax, bagpipes) Jeremiah Cymerman (Bb and alto clarinet)

I considered going to Louis 649 for an hour but decided to go home and be with my cat for a bit. The poor guy is left alone an awful lot. Then, I had to run back over to Ave C to catch a little of the Jessica Lurie ensemble at Banjo Jim’s. I really enjoyed it, much more than the first time I saw them a few years ago at Tribeca Rock Club. There were also a few more people last night, like maybe 8-10. It think there were 3 or 4 of us last time at TRC (it was a last minute replacement show). I was only able to stay for about 40 minutes, but it was great. She had a tenor from The Tiptons with her. She was awesome and added a lot. I’m glad they did a great NOLA-style funky song, I mean I felt like I was at Donna’s during that just before I left. I will be trying to hit her 9pm set at Banjo Jim’s on 12/12. Uh oh, I see they changed the time to 10pm. There’s something else sandwiched in between the 8pm and her set. I’ll still try to make it, but it might be a little harder.

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