Monday, November 5, 2007

The Backroom Blues Bar - Boca

We did make it to this place on Sat night. We saw a good blues band that reminded me of the 2 years I lived in Chicago. It was kind of cool how it appears to be in the middle of nowhere, like an oasis on the side of the highway. We got there at 11:45, and doorman gave us 2 for 1 on the cover, which was pretty cool since there were still a couple of songs left in the 1st set. The room did clear out some after the 1st set, but there were still plenty of people left. There are seats, portable seats which I assume they don't always have set up. Still, there were people dancing and you are allowed to dance in the area in front of the stage. There was also plenty of room to dance and you could see the band just fine off to the side in the bar area. I think they just serve beer and wine, no mixed drinks. They played until about 1:45 or so.

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