Monday, November 12, 2007

My Name is Albert Ayler - film

Good film! They talked to a lot of people, including Gary Peacock and George Wein. Stories of when he first met Trane, Cecil Taylor jumping out of his seat, etc. A little bit from Trane's funeral. They talked to some ex-girlriends, band members, music business people, and footage of Ayler himself. How hard it was to be a black musician, how a lot of people hated what he was doing at first because they didn’t get it. A lot on how much more inviting Europe is to the jazz musicians.

I have this great box set with interviews and unreleased stuff. When Bruce at Downtown Music Gallery was selling it to me, it seemed like magic the way he was showing me everything. He said they sold so many of them the distributor gave them a free one. It is fantastic:

1960-1970: Holy Ghost (Revenant) (US) (p) (10 disc box set featuring Ayler’s first and last recordings, plus other previously unreleased material.)

The film filled in a little more for me. Too bad I had to wait until 9. I heard the filmmaker was there for Q&A for the 7pm showing.

It was great seeing it at Anthology Film Archives. It was nice and clear on the big screen and the music sounded good. There’s only a few days left:
Monday Nov 12 7:00 PM
Monday Nov 12 9:00 PM
Tuesday Nov 13 7:00 PM
Tuesday Nov 13 9:00 PM
Wednesday Nov 14 7:00 PM
Wednesday Nov 14 9:00 PM

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