Monday, November 5, 2007

Mon Nights

A friend of mine is booking Monday nights at MUD, the coffee shop in the East Village. The series is called Naked Mud as it's REALLY acoustic, no mics, no nothing. The owners of Mud are big music people and want it to be something to showcase great artists. Dana is always looking for more talent. I've put her recent message at the end of this post.

I haven't made it yet, but hope to soon. I used to prioritize music on most Mon nights, or use it as a night off. Now, I wouldn't miss Monday Night Alive for almost anything. It's this incredible group experience wtih Ariel and Shya Kane where we learn how to be present in a very practical, modern way. I've been into this for a few years now, but now that I attend regularly awesome things are starting to happen. Nothing major, and it seems like such common sense, but I just feel better and more grounded, better able to allow life to happen as it shows up.

We are off a couple of Mondays in Nov, so I'm going to try to make the Naked thing at Mud at least one of those

From: Dana McCoy <>
To: Dana McCoy <>
Sent: Sat Nov 03 00:40:55 2007
Subject: NAKED November (mic-free music series at MUD)

Hi everyone! hope this finds you enjoying the crisp fall air.
I've updated our myspace to include blogs, audio clips and pics from
the last couple of Mondays. Try not to start a stampeed getting to the
page. Just gently click our link below. Easy, no need for anyone to
get hurt.

We have some outstanding artists coming up, just thought I'd send out
a schedule.

Monday 11.5.2007
7pm - Tam Lin
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15pm - David LK Murphy

Monday 11.12.2007
7pm – Andrew Scandal
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15pm – Jamie Scandal

Monday 11.19.2007
7pm - Charles Coleman shares a contemporary
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15 Joey Pesce ('til Tuesday)

Monday 11.26.2007
7pm - tba
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15 Bryan Dunn –

Monday 12.3.2007
7pm – tba
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15pm - tba

Monday 12.10.2007
7pm Michael Wagner –
Whatchagot spot: (between sets) open mic
8:15pm – Kelli Rae Powell and Craig Chesler in Dreamboat

As you can see there a few open spots which will fill up quickly. If
you know an artist you feel would be right to play NAKED, please send
them my way, or have them come play a song or two between sets any
Monday night.

You can always find a schedule of who's playing on our MySpace page
too, along with audio clips, pics and blogs from recent week's
performances. So that's at:

If you've played or attended NAKED, not only is there likely a pic of
you on our MySpace, but I'd like to thank you so much. This Monday
series is producing alot of spinetingling moments. The presence
of the artists and their work, and the attentiveness and level of
listening by the audience has been consistently, well, breathtaking. A
true human experience. Thank you everyone.



307 E. 9th St. (2nd Ave)
NY, NY 10003

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Alessandra G said...

I agree. I wouldn't miss Mon night for anything either. I'm so glad to share that with you and all our other wonderful friends! Take care, Terri.