Friday, November 16, 2007


I’m certainly a Drum Addict. I’ve heard these drummers and saxophone players a couple of times in the Union Square subway. There were there the other day when I had a $10 to spare, so I picked up a cd. It’s all drums, and I love it. I usually don’t like drum CDs, but this one is pretty good even though it's not live in person. It gets me going and I feel like I’m more productive at work when I’m listening to it.

I love hearing them underground as well. The first time, they just had a baritone. Last time, there were 2 tenors and a baritone. I couldn’t stay for long, but it sounded great.

Drumadics [Drum-Addicts], “William B Johnson’s Subway Explosion” featuring an international troupe of drummers. Merging cultures from around the world, they create a sound unlike anything ever heard. Accompanied by a cast of international dancers and poets, this show bursts through the boundaries of contemporary musical and theatrical genres. Drumadics takes its audience on a journey showing NYC through the eyes of a New Yorker, exposing them to things that say “New York” and “Culture”. At the same time it all takes place in the “Veins of NYC” [the subway system]. Creator/Director, William B. Johnson has created a show and has chosen a cast that crystallizes the raw energy of urban performers while maintaining the polished delivery of seasoned artists. “New York City has one of everything and bringing together this collective of artists has taught us all a lesson about the community in which we now live and call home… New York City”. [William B. Johnson]

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No Police State Girl said...

Hey Drumadics, I'll be playing buckets tomorrow at Times Square 42nd Street if you want to come by and check me out.