Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Club d'Elf @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

This was very similar to the CD release show at LPR.  I liked it this night even more - no tables so I could be closer and it felt better.  We had Steven Bernstein and John Medeski up there the entire time.  Micro played sintir, electric bass, electric thumb piano that sounds like a bass, and I think that's it.  Hassan Hakmoun came up toward the end.  He did a duo piece with Brahim and then he did a duo with Chikako Iwahori, the tap dancer.  I loved that even more this time around.

Everyone was so excellent.  I'm really liking Steven on trumpet.  Yes, he's awesome on slide trumpet as well.  Post jazzfest this year I'm loving him on trumpet even more.

Dean Johnston on drums was awesome.  I think he's from Boston and I never see him, so I wasn't familiar.  I want to make sure it's understood he was worthy of being up there.

Man, and it's only the 2nd band!

John Medeski (keyboards & melodica), Brahim Fribgane (oud, vocal, percussion), Mike Rivard (bass, sintir & bass kalimba) & Dean Johnston (drums) w/ guests w/ Hassan Hakmoun (sintir, vocals), Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet, trumpet)

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

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