Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sun Ra Arkestra @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

I did not expect to be completely blown away in each moment of this!!!  The set started at around 11:45 and the amazing Marshall Allan turned 87 at midnight.  I still can't believe it.  He plays like a very accomplished and vibrant 45 year old that was already a master of his craft at age 7.  Really!  That's a metaphor, I don't know the actual history of his progression as a reed player, but he was incredible.

The drums were killer!  I couldn't get enough of them.  The baritone and alto were fantastic. I loved the trumpet.  The flute was awesome.

It's a great venue for them.  They kicked butt!  I thought about going to Sullivan Hall for the early birthday show the next night, but how could it be as phenomenal as this?  I think they should start playing LPR instead.

This was hands down the highlight of a stellar evening of music.

I got the arkestra members from the website, but I don't think all of them were there, although there was a good amount of them.
Under the direction of Marshall Allen
MARSHALL ALLEN  alto saxophone - flute - EVI - joined Arkestra in 1958
CHARLES DAVIS  baritone saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1955
ART JENKINS  vocals - percussion - joined Arkestra in 1960
MICHAEL RAY  trumpet - vocals - joined Arkestra in 1978
JOHN ORE  bass - joined Arkestra in 1961
FRED ADAMS  trumpet - joined Arkestra in 1982
KNOEL SCOTT  alto saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1979
VINCENT CHANCEY  french horn - joined Arkestra in 1976
DANNY THOMPSON  flute, baritone sax, alto sax, bassoon- joined Arkestra in 1967
REY SCOTT  baritone saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1988
DAVE DAVIS  trombone - joined Arkestra in 1997
LUQUMAN ALI  drums - joined Arkestra in 1964
ELSON NASCIMENTO  percussion - joined Arkestra in 1988
D. HOTEP  guitar - joined Arkestra in 2000
YAHYA ABDUL-MAJID  tenor saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1980
BILL DAVIS  bass - joined Arkestra in 1962
JUINI BOOTH  bass - joined Arkestra in 1967

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

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