Sunday, June 5, 2011

Renard Poche

I saw this from NolaFunk NYC, sharing a post from NPR.  I think he is awesome, very Jimi Hendrix-ish.  I saw him for the first time at Jazzfest years ago, I should say I noticed him then because I had definitely seen him with Dr. John and possibly other times before then.  this Jazzfest show was his own band, and then that night with Skerik and a bunch of other people at Howlin Wolf.  When announced someone asked who saw Renard's smokin hot set at the fest that day and I was the only one to "whoo".  It WAS at 11:30am after all.  Renard looked at me and said "now that's love".  Too bad for the rest of the people who missed out!

Here's the link to the NPR post.

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