Sunday, June 26, 2011

Undead Jazzfest @ LPR, S.H, and K.C, 6/23/11

I went to almost every band that I could in the time I was there.  It was so well done.  It was so easy to bounce around the 3 venues.  It was also cool that I knew a lot of the artists but very few of the bands.

I also got a better appreciation of the sound at Sullivan Hall ("S.H.").  It's not a bad place when it's not too crowded.  It was dramatically different sound from Kenny's Castaways ("K.C.").  Although, part of the Kenny's sound for me was because I wanted to dance, so I didn't sit closer.  For the very last band I saw there, I did sit for a few minutes and the sound was better.

I missed Satoko Fujii ma-do at LPR.  I know even the bands I missed are worth mentioning.

I was loving Amir Elsaffar on trumpet w/ Hafez Modirzadeh on sax, Francois Moutin on bass, someone I don't know on piano, and Dan Weiss on bass at S.H.  Here's a link about the project.  It sounded great and each of the 4 blew me away.  It was starting out real good.  I want to find out who the piano was at some point, he was very good.

I left a little early to catch some of Harris Eisenstedt's Canada Day at K.G.  I've been wanting to see that, but had missed the opportunities so far.  I like that it has vibraphones and Nate Wooley on trumpet.

I then went over to LPR to get a good bit of Marc Ribot's solo set.  He did the medley from Albert Ayler's "Ghost" album.  I still can't connect the 2.  He did some other great pieces and then veered into some John Cage pieces.  I left during that part to see some others, but it was only because I get to see so many Ribot solos and there was new stuff to explore.

Yay!  I finally made it to see Ingrid Laubrock on sax.  Kris Davis was awesome on piano.  I always enjoy Tyshawn Sorey on drums.  This trio was playing at S.H.

I saw a little of Davod Fiuczynski's Planet MicroJam.  It was good.  In general David doesn't do it for me although I've enjoyed him occasionally.  I liked the setup.  From that link:  "The MicroJam Ensemble is comprised of Fiuczynski on fretted, fretless, and 1/4-tone guitars; and Berklee students Utar Dundarartun and Sang Park on microtonal keyboards; Alex Bailey on drums; and Eli Marcus on bass. "

Tarbaby at LPR was phenomenal.  It was my first time seeing them and I didn't know what to expect.  I love everything Nasheet Waits is in.  He does straight ahead as well as some intense blow your face off intense jam jazz.  This was the latter and I loved it.  I was basically there for the entire set.  Besides Naheet on drums it included Eric Revis on bass, Orrin Evans on piano, and Oliver Lake on bass.  It was my 2nd favorite band of an amazing night of music.  Here's a review from another blogger who apparantly loved it as much as I did.

After that I still had time to catch the Gerald Clayton (piano)/Chris Dingman (vibraphone) Duo at S.H.  That was good.  Gerald is always great.  For the last song they like to do something in the spirit of the name of the place they are in.  They had 2 ideas for the Undead Jazzfest it was either about Zombies or that there was some point that jazz was dead and now it's not.  They left it to us to choose.  I didn't have a preference, so I stayed silent.  Most of the voters chose Zombies, so that's what we got. Whatever, it started a little mellow and I was ready to move on.

I caught a little of Alan Licht & Brian Chase at K.C..  I liked it - chaotic.  I ran into Bill on the street soon after that and he told me Alan used to book for Tonic.  That caused us to go on about how deeply we miss Tonic for a bit.

Next I got me some John Escreet (keys)/Dave Binney (sax)/Wayne Krantz (guitar)/Marcus Gilmore (drums) "The Age We Live In".  That was definitely good.  There were no floor sitters for that one!

I had to go get some Andrew D'Angelo Big Band w/ Reid Anderson, Ben Monder & a whole lot more.  I was expecting a creative big band.  I still can't believe how kickass it was!  Reid was on electric bass.  The whole thing was electric - the energy was off the hook.  This was definitely the best band of the night.  I can't even express how awesome it was.

Ceramic Dog was phenomenal.  I believe I already gave 2nd best to Tarbaby.  I should give Ceramic Dog tie for 1st.  This has become one hell of a rock band!  I love them!

I was wearing out and had to be alert at work the next day.  The last bands at LPR and S.H. were running late.  I really wanted to see a little of David King Trucking Company.  I went over to S.H. but discovered it was way too loud and I couldn't stay.  I will just hope to get another chance another time.  Here's the personnel from wikipedia:
In March 2010 King formed two new ensembles to debut at a 2 night concert celebration of his work held at the renowned Walker Art Center called The Dave King Trucking Company (with Chris Speed and Brandon Wozniak on tenor saxes, Erik Fratzke on guitar and Adam Linz on bass)

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