Friday, May 23, 2008

Beta Popes @ Tap Bar 5/22/08

My strategy of trying to get to the opening band, Period, for the last 10-15 minutes actually worked out. I got there at around 9:50, and got the last 10 minutes. It was good, I mean, I stayed and didn't feel I need to go outside or anything. I wasn't completly into it, either. It's hard to say more than that with only 10 minutes.

I really enjoyed Beta Popes. Bobby Previte is amazing! I was mainly enthralled with his playing the entire time, but the whole thing was great. I have wanted to check out that band ever since I found out they existed around 2 years ago. It was like doom jazz, only so much more. I caught that and Whoopie Pie back in Nov.

Bobby Previte just really knows how to play. I had so many intense moments just by the way he was hitting those drums in many different moments. And the cymbals! I'm so glad Coalition of the Willing brought me back to him. I wasn't crazy about one show I saw with him and Charlie Hunter and never gave him another chance. I can't believe how many shows I've missed out on due to that.

I think I got about an hour. It was very intense and very loud and dark. I really like that stuff. It balances out all of the happy music I see a lot. They abruptly left the stage at about 11:30. It seemed like they were going to come back, either for an encore or another set. At first, I waited, but then my intuition told me it was time to go. So I went. I've learned it's always good to follow intuition, whether I'm right about a hit or not, it gets me into better practice.

I also had a desire to go to 55 Bar and I assumed there would be a 12am set. However, on my way, I realized how tired I was and just felt like going home. I'm guessing that's what the intuitive hit was about.

It's interesting that I feel like my hearing is more crisp since that show last night. It's very strange, especially because it was so loud. While it was very loud, it wasn't too loud. I thought it was the perfect volume. I do wish they kept the lights down. No one wanted to get closer, but there was some light over the floor and it was music that would do better with just a little light.

Beta Popes (Jamie Saft - guitar; Bobby Previte - drums, Skerik - sax, vocals)

Period (Mike Pride, Charlie Looker, Chuck Bettis - members of Dynamite Club, Extra Life, Whoopie Pie & ex- ZS, ex-MDC, & ex- Measles Mumps Rubella)

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