Friday, May 16, 2008

2nd Annual Dance Parade

Well, it looks like the 2nd Annual Dance Parade has changed it’s purpose. The 1st one was about bringing awareness to the fact that it’s against the law to dance in NYC under certain circumstances. Now, it looks like this parade is just a celebration of dance and they even have a message from Mayor Bloomberg on their home page. This slightly bothers me, but then I see it’s not going to change regardless and there’s only a few venues left that try to comply with this ridiculous law. Of course, I do think this is part of why we sometimes have people behind us tap us on the shoulder at a rock concert to ask us to sit down in NYC. I’ve even accepted the majority rule part of this. Thank God for Brooklyn, where everything seems to be more lax and better on these issues. The NY Times article at least mentions why it was created last year.

Ease on Down the Road
Friday, May 16, 2008
Ain’t no party like one that dances down Broadway. The second annual Dance Parade shimmies and shakes through the city tomorrow afternoon, with more than 100 groups and 3,500 individuals gliding, tapping, breaking, sliding and disco-rolling. The costumed celebration ends in a party and show in Tompkins Square Park; you can also take free lessons or just gawk and groove along.
Spare Times, by Melena Ryzik

This is why I'm not bothering to worry about it or even hope for change:
2007: Chevigny's appeal is dismissed at a hearing in February. He is considering a final appeal to the New York Court of Appeals, NY State's highest court. NYC holds its first Dance Parade to showcase the beauty and diversity of dance in NYC and speak out about the cabaret laws.

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