Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jazzfest @ Night 2008

Wed night I went to the Megalomaniacs Ball, but I missed the 1st 2 acts, Marco Trio and Maelstrom Trio. I got there just in time for Go Go Jungle. That was pretty good, I love how different it is. And, 3 percussionists is always a good thing for me. Mark Sutherland was there playing the sax. I do wish he played a little more. I also wish they would let him sit in on the other bands.

I was thinking about running over to Chickie Wah Wah for some of Kirk Joseph’s Sousapalooza and skipping the Stanton Moore Trio, which I’ve seen way too many times. The “problem” was they were doing an incredible job of changing the set pretty quickly and I figured if I got there during setbreak, it wouldn’t be worth it. That’s OK because I did enjoy the Stanton Moore Trio which had Robert Walter on organ and Will Bernard on guitar. I was even really enjoying Robert on the bass lines. I have seen it a few too many times, though.

The setbreak for Garage a Trios was longer. I should have known because Stanton needs breaks since he plays so intensely. I enjoyed it, especially the last 45 minutes or so. It went until 4am, which was a good way to start off my fest music experience. They played a lot of stuff off of their new album they are working on. You could see a lot of Marco influence in the new stuff. It kind of changes the band a bit. They’re a little happier and a little sentimental. I can’t really remember that much since it was so long ago, almost a week ago with too much music in between. The last 45 minutes or so had the old intense stuff.

They were very excited about this show and let us know this was the 1st annual Megalomaniacs Ball. I could see it evolving into something more. I do also wish they had Brian Coogin come and sit in on the later stuff. I didn’t get to see him at this trip, and he’s one of my favorites.

I also want to say whoever was doing lights for that show, did a great job. I wish they could give the Sullivan Hall guy a lesson. They did have the lights shining out into the crowd, but they pointed them up so they didn't shine in our faces. It was also a little more subtle. At the end, Stanton had us give a hand to the setup guys, who did do an excellent job.

Thurs night didn't work out for me. I woke up too late for the Maple Leaf show and it was too early for Trombone Shorty at Tips, which was sold out. I decided to take the night off because I knew Fri was a big day and a big night.

Yes, Fri was an amazing night of great music. Mule and then over to the Maple Leaf for some Vidocavich, Marco, and Mike Gordon. I was very impressed with Mike Gordon for the first time. I just have too many Phish biases so I never gave him much of a chance. I also can't help wondering if part of it was due to Johnny V, who tends to bring out the best in the people he plays with. It was fun and grooving. They were going to have special guests, starting with Reid Matthis, but I was ready to REALLY get down at Galactic, so I left for Tips around 4ish.

Galactic is always at their best, most energetic, and happening when they play late night at Tips. It was awesome. I've done the music til the sun comes up enough that I didn't need to stay til the end. I actually enjoyed the rappers a lot. They brought the energy level up even more and were good. I chalk part of that up to the late night vibe.

I was exhausted at the fest on Sat. I did get a nap and then it didn't matter what I felt like at Mule. The music was so incredible I was fully awake for that. That show was enough for me that night.

It all caught up with me Sun night. I realized too late that Dumstaphunk was going to be an incredible show to be at, and I couldn't get a ticket. I was going to do Astral Project and then just hang out on Frenchman, possibly doing all the shows over there. But, my body wouldn't have it. I fell asleep, woke up at 10 to the alarm and just couldn't do it. I finally got a good solid 7 or 8 hours and was able to get to Howlin Wolf for Zigaboo at 4am. I made the most of it, but it was somewhat disappointing. When they were playing funk, it was fun to dance and I could get into it. However, at some point he brought out these 2 singers and let them sing a lot and played slow tunes. I had to stand outside for that and really wanted to get away from the music. It turned out 4am was the 2nd set, which is not how it used to be in the past. They ended a little before 6, and told us we had to leave the club. Wierd.

I did have a conversation at Zig about how this year, we all collectively seemed older and more mellow. I didn't realize it and thought it was just me. Whatever, it was still a great time and I can't wait til next year.

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