Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Outside Music Memorial Day Weekend 2008

It was such a great weekend to be outside! I like to wander around the parks for the street music. I'm looking forward to Washington Square Park getting done with that massive renovation. In the meantime, I have Tompkin Square Park at least. I tend to hang out by the latin guys that usually have drums and often other things. There was just drums whenever I went by, but since I love drums that was fine with me.

At one point, this woman came up and asked them to stop or turn it down or something. I felt a little bad for her because people jumped all over her. Someone finally pointed out a nice peaceful area nearby where she wouldn't be able to hear the music. I mean, those guys are out there all the time and I tend to think of them as part of the park.

On Sun there was the Losaida Festival over on Ave C. They had lots of latin bands at the end of the street, near 13th St. It was awesome.

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