Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lott/Gamble + Josh Roseman & Execution Quintet 5/9/08

After that phenomenal show, I had to get a little more at The Living Theatre. They are having a 3 day benefit for RUCMA. It's the Vision Fest people putting together an organization to get more creative music out there. They want to get a venue going that is subsidized so there are no drink minimums and the music is more available in downtown NY. I love this trend!

Too bad more people didn't make it last night. I got there just before 11, thanks to the F Train being so close to Town Hall. I got there about 10 min before Mike Gamble and Simon Lott started. I was so glad because I thought I would miss that. It was awesome. All improvised. It would get grungy and then quiet and then rock out and I loved it.

Josh Roseman's Execution Quintet was also awesome. The only problem was that I kind of hit my limit when they came on at 12. I stayed for the whole 1 hour set, but I was really tired and while I enjoyed it a lot, I think it would have been better if I wasn't quite so tired. They were all amazing. Apfelbaum was holding down the bass line and playing awesome organ. Marcus Gilmore is an amazing drummer and I love seeing him. The horns were really awesome.

I am sorry I had to miss Knucklebean again, but I was just too tired to stay. I see they are playing at Galapagos a little earlier this Wed, so hopefully I'll make it to that. Brad Farberman curated last night and I know from his once a month "This is Our Music" series at Galapagos that he has good taste. I bet his band is great and I just have to get there to confirm.

The rest of the weekend of these RUCMA shows at The Living Theatre look awesome and I might just make it to all of them.

10:30PM - Mike Gamble/Simon Lott Duo
Mike Gamble – guitar
Simon Lott – drums

11PM - Josh Roseman & Execution Quintet
Ambrose Akinmusire – trumpet
Logan Richardson – alto saxophone
Josh Roseman – trombone
Peter Apfelbaum – organ
Marcus Gilmore – drums

Midnight - Knucklebean
Brad Farberman – guitar
Matt Silberman & Matt Thomas – saxophones
Ben Syversen – trumpet
Kevin Moehringer – trombone
Adam Minkoff – bass
Nick Anderson – drums

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