Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Transcendence Quartet 5/23/08

I went back to The Living Theatre for another RUCMA show. It was pretty good. It had 2 members from Matt Lavelle's Tenor Tree, that I saw a couple of weeks ago at the This is Our Music Series at Galapagos. Ras Mosche was my favorite of the 3 tenors that night, but they were all great. I do love the bass clarinet, although it seemed Lavelle was playing more trumpet. There was definitely a lot of bass clarinet as well.

Shayna Dulberger is excellent. I am very impressed with her bass playing and will make more of a point of checking out anything she is a part of. I hadn't realized this was a couple of people I saw recently, and she was what brought me there last night.

It was very good and not too out there, very cohesive. I was trying to figure out what genre that music might be put in and I found a good description on CD Baby, "it nicely balances free jazz and post-bop traditions". It reminded me of some of the late Coltrane style stuff, like 65-67.

I chose not to stay for the jazz jam with Jason Kao Hwang, although I want to get to one of those late night jams one of these days. They tend to do it after the performance there on certain evenings. They always have a different leader. They've had William Parker and Charles Gayle before. I didn't know about the Charles Gayle one at the time, or I would have definitely been there. It's $5 for the audience and open donation for musicians. I didn't recognize any of the musicians, but figure they have to be somewhat good to have the guts to show up at something like that. There's plenty of great musicians that aren't in my music circles that I continue to broaden. It looked like it was going to be a lot of trumpets, a sax, guitar, and Jason on violin. I'm not sure if there were others since I didn't stick around.

The Transcendence Quartet
Ras Moshe – Tenor Sax
Shayna Dulberger – Bass
Dave Ross – Guitar
Charles Downs – Drums
Matt Lavelle - Trumpet & Bass Clarinet

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