Friday, May 28, 2010

Marco Benevento Trio @ Bowey Ballroom 5/22/10

I expected them to be opening and looked on the Bowery Ballroom website that day to see if it was possible to make it and who else was playing. I was surprised to see they were headlining! Awesome! That made the decision to go pretty easy. I was curious about the opening band, but I had a dinner, so it was perfect that the trio was later.

It was awesome and well-deserving of the main spot on a Sat night. I found a new appreciation of this band. My appreciation of Reed Matthis went much deeper. I now get the big draw for him. I appreciated him in the past, but I never quite understood people's enthusiasm for that last night of that last Marco residency at Sullivan Hall. That was a must see for many, and I think it was the only night I skipped. Now I see that Reed and Marco combined are what makes this a Bowery Ballroom gig.

It was so good it almost made me miss the Benevento/Russo Duo a little less. Almost. This show was definitely up there with some of the best Duo shows I've seen.

They played 3 "short" songs from the new album. No improvised jams, just the songs. They were good. I think soon after we got the obligatory "Real Morning Party". Marco referred to it as "the best song in the world". Considering he hears at least once every single gig, I presume he isn't going to get sick of it any time soon. I found myself enjoying it in spite of the fact that I'm sick of it. I especially enjoyed the portion where they weren't playing the catchy melody part.
I think it was the next song that I never seem to get sick of. I waited to post this so I could listen to the Live at Tonic 3 cd set and the Invisible Baby CD. I think that song is also on Invisible Baby and it's not as old as I thought. I'm still not sure which one it was, but boy did I have fun listening to these CDs. They are awesome! I even found myself enjoying the studio version of The Real Morning Party a lot! It IS a great song. I just don't need it live every show.

The first set was a little under an hour. The 2nd set was probably a little over an hour. They did an encore and I left during it.

It was a phenomenal show and fit in well at the venue.

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