Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jazzfest @ Fairgrounds, NOLA 4/29/10

Nothing can ever come close to the greatness of this festival. It is so well done. I always get turned on to new music and get the chance to experience big acts I wouldn't go see otherwise. I can't turn this into "oh how I love jazzfest, let me count the ways ..." post, there's too much to say about this long day.

I got there at around 11:15. The beignet line was a bit long so I opted for peach cobbler for breakfast. I then made my first rounds by the 3 tents. It was all good, but didn't suck me in for long.

I ended up at the Acura stage thoroughly enjoying R. Skully Rough 7. They rocked! It was great and I need to look out for them. They have 2 female vocalists with big soulful voices. The guitar was awesome. It's fading now, but I remember loving them. I see that 2 members are from Morning 40 Federation. I never gave them much of a chance, and it looks like that has been my loss.

I made some rounds and the next thing to suck me in is Vivaz, a local Latin band. They are awesome! One guy just plays bongos and an occasional cowbell. Another guy plays timbales and cowbells. The 3rd drummer is solely on the congas. They were a phenomenal band and I need to look out for them more as well.

I then spent some time getting a taste of the greatness on each stage. Mario Abney and his sextet in the jazz tent sounded great. Classic Ballou & His Family Band played some great blues in that tent. I was caught by the drummer a few times and was shocked to see he looked about 10 years old. Loose Marbles were great in the Economy Hall Tent. I also got down in the Gospel tent with The Wright Brothers for a bit. Next, after consulting Gambit Weekly, I made my way over to the Lagniappe Stage for Sean Wilson & the Wild Lotus Band. It's a local band in the style of Indian Kirtan music with a twist. It was awesome and I later stopped by the CD tent to get some music to continue exploring.

Then I spent about 20 min 2nd-lining with the Paulin Brothers Brass Band. I love those parades! It gave me a good energy boost and was a lot of fun.

I checked out Grupo Sensacion for a bit. I thought Vivaz! was much better. This Latin Group did have some very good dancers.

Then I was able to sit on the outside bleachers by the Grandstand and listen to Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys. They were awesome! I still need to pick up a CD. I think she said Troy Andrews was playing with them.

I then did a little Shannon Powell in the Jazz Tent and a little Government Mule at the Acura Stage.

I settled in for a while seeing Steve Martin w/ the Steep Canyon Rangers. He's really good on the banjo! He also told jokes while retuning. He can't sing. He leaves most of the singing to the others, but, I think he should give it up entirely. When they played the longer, more instrumental tunes, I thought they were excellent. They did start losing me with the catchy, cutsey tunes, though. I left a little early to make the rounds and go shopping.

The sales in the book tent benefit buying kids books. The CD tent is done by Jazzfest. They get the CDs on consignment from the artists. So, it is good to buy from these tents.

Of course I went over to see Widespread Panic a few times. It was great, I just couldn't stay for some reason. I guess if it was more compelling, it would have held me.

I went around a few more times for tidbits and left at about 630ish.

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