Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leni Stern @ The Stone 5/5/10

Aha! Leni is from Africa! That explains the World influence of her music. I also realize I can start going to 55 Bar again. My dancing issues are over and I can now enjoy music dancing or just moving a little in my chair. That's good news!

This was a special band. There was a kora player from Mali. There was another guy from Mali that played djembe and that Mali drum that looks like the other half of the kora melon. There was a drummer with a kit comprised of a tom, a snare, and a small bass drum. He was from a completely different African country that I missed. The electric bass player was from Senegal. The other guitar/singer was from Cameroon. Together, they made wonderful music and played for about 75-85 min. They wanted to do 1 more, but had hit curfew due to neighbors.

Henry Kaiser played with them for a couple of tunes. He's awesome! I'm surprised I haven't seen him before. I wanted to get back for more of his shows, but it wasn't meant to be.

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