Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Kirk Nasty @ Allways Lounge, NOLA 4/28/10

The whole evening was curated by James Singleton, so this band was bound to be good. They were. The electric bass player and bandleader looked familiar, the keyboard/sax, guitar, drums, and percussion were all unfamiliar to me. There was also a female vocalist who sat in for about 20-25 min of the set, which was about an hour.

It was great, fresh, and funky. The vocalist for the most part was another instrument and fit in nicely. I loved the intense percussionist, who had a sort of alternative drumkit. They were all awesome. We got a great instrumental encore and I left wanting more at around 3am-ish.

I'm not sure who all was there that night. I have a full band member listing from their myspace page, but they weren't all there.
rex gregory - reeds, woodwinds and celesta;
James westfall - Micro-Korg, Vibraphone, Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, celesta;
Dylan Hicks - Drum set;
Ricky Sebastian - Drum Set;
Nathan Lambertson - Bass, vocals;
Ben Luton - Poetry;
kristina morales - vocals;
paul thibodeaux - drum set;
Jullian Addison - Drum Set;
Danny Abel - Guitar

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