Saturday, May 8, 2010

GAT @ Howlin Wolf, NOLA 4/28/10

Oh yeah! This was exactly what I needed! The last band I saw was a great warmup, but this is a whole other thing. And, as I was discussing the price of late admission and when they started (about an hour ago, maybe less), the door guy got the OK to let me in for free! That made it more palatable when the band went into The Real Morning Party. Everyone except for me loves that song. I just got sick of it. However, I love what they did with it, mainly with the solos. I loved it when they weren't playing the actual catchy tune.

The musicians were phenomenal. I love seeing Skerik my first night. Mike D. was my MVP that night. I was blown away with most of his playing, especially the vibes.

The music really had me going. The crowd was a little flat, but what can you do. It's awesome how they can still bring it even with a tired, not-so-motivated audience. They couldn't even get it up to try to coax an encore.

Still, it was about 45-60 min of greatness.

Now, the megalomaniacs ball, with the pure forms of the bands is a great idea. Each of those bands are phenomenal in their own rights. I also rarely get to see any of them. Still, believe it or not, I want more. It's jazzfest after all. I think they should absolutely showcase the bands in their pure form. I also think they should sit in with each other. It would be very interesting to see the nuances and differences in each of the projects and what comes out of each of them when they play in the style of each project. It would also be fun to have some outside special guests show up for a bit as well.

Anyway, these are some of the greatest musicians that exist today and we're fortunate to have them. I need to take what I can get since those not in NY don't come as often as they used to.

Megalomaniac's Ball:
Garage A Trois feat. Skerik, Stanton Moore, Marco Benevento and Mike Dillion
Stanton Moore Trio with special guest Anders Osborne
Mike Dillon w/ Johnny Vidacovich and James Singleton
The Dead Kenny G's (featuring Skerik) and Marco Benevento Trio with Reed Mathis and Andrew Barr

Mike Dillon Trio 9pm Marco Trio 10pm Dead Kenny G's 11pm Stanton Trio 12:15 GAT 1:15

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