Monday, May 10, 2010

Jazzfest @ Fairgrounds, NOLA 4/30/10

This day turned out to be rather weak for me. I got there before 11:30 and left at around 4:30. It looked like there was potential for the last few hours, I just wanted to rest my weary bones.

I made the rounds quite a bit, but not much was catching me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the few songs I saw from The Julliard Jazz Ensemble. They were excellent. I didn't realize Miles Okasaki is in that. I believe they are all in the graduate program for jazz.

I got summoned away by the sound of a killer harmonica coming from The Blues Tent. It was J. Monique'D Blues Band. I didn't get much of them, but I enjoyed what I got.

There was a great drum parade I got hooked into for a few minutes.

Other than that, I found a good spot early and enjoyed the entire Astral Project set.

I gave it a little more of a chance after that, but at some point decided to call it quits.

Yep, even the weak days at Jazzfest have a lot to offer.

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