Monday, November 23, 2009

Leah Siegel @ Bowery Electric 11/21/09

Yeah, there were all of these incredible music options that I would normally have been at, but I had other plans. I had a lot of fun at a party earlier, and a couple of my friends were going to see Leah after, so I decided to go to hang out. It was also nice to try something different, and a rock band was more what I was in the mood for.

At first, I thought this was where CBGBs was, and I felt like a traitor. I felt a little worse when I saw that I liked the space. I'm glad to see it's not the space, so that was all for nothing. The funny thing is I was never crazy about it. I did like CB's Gallery a little more, but I rarely went to raunchy CBGB space. It was before I got into the Freestyle Music Series type stuff and my time in NYC was after I was exploring the music that usually went on there. I do remember liking the few shows I was at there, I just never sought it out or explored it on a whim like I've done so many other places when I was figuring out what I liked through trial and error.

Anyway, Bowery Electric downstairs is a nice room. It's got nice wood floors, a good bar, and lots of seats. Still, it was easy to stand on the dance floor. It was rock, but not super loud get down kind of rock. Most of the people were really into it, they just sat. After the set, they started rearranging the room to become a dance club.

I enjoyed the music. She sounds similar to Norah Jones and I liked the music enough to move to it. That's always my sign.

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