Monday, November 16, 2009

Billy Martin's Mystery Riddim @ The Stone 11/10/09

This was awesome! Billy is one of my favorite drummers ever. He's also one of my favorite percussionists ever. And, there's nothing better than a drummer/composer.

This was mainly Billy expanding what he can do with great accompaniment. He was definitely the centerpiece and star, but it was great to have this expansive view.

There were 3 other percussionists. That was so much fun! They were often playing the same types of instruments and it was just cool. They started off each with a conga and a cool stick. They had gongs at times and other stuff I'm not sure what it was. Billy started with the kit. Each time he got on the drum kit, I completely fell in love with his drumming anew. I can't believe it, but I think he went up even higher in my appreciation. I must be feeling even deeper about great music than ever before.

Billy also played some other stuff, including the aquasonic (no water), berimbau, thumb piano, etc.

Shazaad was awesome on guitar. Kato had many awesome ways of playing the electric bass. He played it with a bow at times. He also put a metal disk somehow over the hole, it was like a tiny cymbal, and it sounded great.

It was fabulous and a really great set to be at.

Mystery Riddim
Billy Martin, Shahzad Ismailey, Kato Hideki (electronics, guitars) Jed Koziner, Steve Honoshowsky and Ronald Stockwell (acoustic percussion)
The Mystery Riddim set will consist of new compositions by Billy Martin for this unique ensemble interspersed with solo drum interludes.

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