Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fela! 11/14/09

I couldn't risk not seeing this again. I only tried to get there once at the 1st theatre. I really wanted to go, I just didn't want to commit to a time slot. Even after Brian's great review, telling me how worth it it was.

So, I got online sometime in the past couple of weeks and selected a matinee that looked like it would work. This solves a lot of the commitment issues because there's not as much sacrificing during the day. Plus, I love getting down in the afternoon.

It was awesome! Fantastic! I hope to get there at least once more, hopefully a couple more time. Forget it's a Broadway show, or a show period. It's an awesome concert where you get great insight into the great Fela Kuti. I've been wanting to explore and learn about him for a long time, but hadn't taken the time yet. I love getting it through a medium that delivers in a few hours. Its also better than a film because you get the live music experience to boot.

It is so well done. The band slowly started jamming before showtime, which was an enjoyable way to begin. They then did their best to make it like we were at the Nigerian club, Shrine, where Fela always came back to. It was in a bad neighborhood, and he attracted press and the Army.

The music and dancing was phenomenal. I also left knowing a lot more about Fela's life and who he was. They even gave us the words to the songs and some clips in a very tasteful manner in the top portion on the backdrop.

I loved the Break It Down portion where they showed us in simple terms how Fela created afro-beat. He came up with the drum style and the guitar style. They showed us what music influenced him.

I left feeling satisfied I got a great show. I was enriched with insight into Fela. I also left hungry to go a little deeper. I think it was perfect for a first foray. I have a good base now, in addition to the CDs I own, for more exploration. I should start with seeing this again.

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