Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sexmob + Special Guests @ Sullivan Hall 11/5/09

I was feeling pretty sick, but I had to go. I am so glad I made it and stayed til the end! I got there at about 10:15-10:30 and they were already on. While I love it when the 4 core members are there, I also love the various substitutions they are sometimes forced to make. This time it was Trevor Dunn on bass instead of Tony Scher. Nice! My first Sexmob with Trevor. It was phenomenal.

It wasn't too long after I got there they invited 2 guitarists to join them. Eric Krasno came out. It was better than I anticipated, I had trouble since I heard he was going to be there seeing how he could possibly fit in with that ensemble. Will Bernard eventually joined in and fit much better. He has been playing with Steven since childhood after all. Later, Adam Rogers took over in Krasno's spot. Kraz had his moments, he just never struck me as an experimental music type.

Anyway, the whole thing was truly awesome, anyone who was up there. Doug Weiselman came up and blew us away with his grooving clarinet. There were parts where Ben Perowsky took over the drums and Kenny got out his tenor sax. I think I knew Kenny played sax, I think. It was nice to add more brass.

Medeski showed up during the 2nd set. I just remember loving it and having a great time. I think I couldn't control a scream every now and then, but I couldn't actually even talk. I might have been delirious toward the end.

DJ Logic spun a super funky set in between live sets. He also jammed with band for the 2nd set. I'm appreciating him more and more these days.

It was well worth the effort. This, by the way, was a Scotty Hard benefit. I love how the great musicians come out and support him.

Sex Mob & DJ Logic w/ John Medeski & Eric Krasno plus Will Bernard, Doug Wieselman, Adam Rogers, Ben Perowsky / plus other surprise guests! / Otis Grove opens the show / A Benefit for Scotty Hard
at Sullivan Hall

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