Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bill Saxton @ Fat Cat 12/5/09

It was such a good choice to take people. There was someone from out of town, someone who didn't want to spend much money, my need for live music, and a bunch of other people's desires that were all met with this one venue.

It's a $3 cover and you can bring food in from outside. They serve wine and beer and sodas. They have some kind of low alcohol content pseudo mixed drinks. You can also get yourself water from a tap I assume is filtered. You don't have to buy anything beyond paying the cover.

The big draw is the old school, non-electric games like scrabble, pool, ping pong, chess, etc.

They usually have 3 bands a night, the late night one being a jam session. I've been wanting to get there for Stacey Dillard's jam for a long time, but haven't yet been able to make it happen. I'm not even sure if he still does it at 1am on Thurs.

Anyway, I enjoyed this 1st set. The sax drew me in. Its been over a week since my last live music experience, so almost anything would do. They did some Coltrane and I had fun.

Bill Saxton Quartet Feat. Marco Di Gennaro

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