Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charles Gayle @ The Stone 11/13/09

There was so much going on, but this first set was the only thing I managed to make it to. I was so glad to see Lisle Ellis and Michael TA Thompson would be accompanying him. It was his first time playing with Michael, and they hit it off very well. I'm not sure if he played with Lisle before, but I certainly enjoyed it.

He played sax for most of it. The drum solos were awesome. When Charles went to the piano, Thomas mainly played percussion. He had this really cool thing I never saw before. It looked like a bunch of wooden squares strung together and I like the sound it makes. The bass solo was awesome. There was also some avant-call-and-response, playing somewhat simultaneously, between the piano and the drums. I think a new alliance was formed that night.

Charles finished up on the sax.

It was a good choice on my part, if I was only going to do 1 set of music.

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