Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Concert of the Secret Guardians @ The Stone 11/7/09

Yes, it was unfortunate I was too sick to make it to The Stone on Fri night. I heard it was outrageous, but I already knew that. I still felt pretty bad on Sat, but I'm happy to say I got the energy to get to both sets of this. It was more than a consolation prize. It was phenomenal.

I would call it stellar jazz/psychedelic/jam music. It was incredible. 2 contrabasses, drumkit, Medeski on piano and Tisziji. Really amazing. This was so worth it. I'm really happy.

Medeski was playing a few things similar to the solo I saw him at the other night. And, of course he also played a lot of different music. Tisziji is an amazing guitarist. He really had me. The was an extra special show.

“Concert of the Secret Guardians”
Tisziji Munoz (guitar) John "lam sobo" Medeski (keyboards) Ra-Kalam Bob Moses (drums) John Lockwood, Don Pate (bass)

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