Friday, July 31, 2009

Iverson, Reid, Motion @ Village Vanguard 7/29/09

I bought a ticket on line the night before because I was worried I would forget to make the res. It looked like you could eventually get in without one, but the rain may have been a factor. I got there around 8:35 and the front section, everything in front of the aisle gap to get to the bathrooms, was getting somewhat full but not packed. I chose to squeeze myself into the 2nd row just left of center and had a great vantage point. I could see the whole bass, Iverson on his keys, and most of Motion. There was a guy up front blocking a little of my view of the drum kit, but I could see enough to make me happy.

Paul Motion always impresses me. He makes it look like he's barely playing yet its always the perfect thing to do, whatever he is doing. He's so unique. I don't know anyone who reminds me of him or who I've ever seen come close to his style.

It was awesome to see the other 2 up there with him. They were as great as ever. They did a lot of standards and a couple of Reid's and Iverson's. The set was about 70 minutes and they left us with a good one from The Bad Plus, a ballad that I can't remember the name to.


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Federico Di Vincenzo said...

I am dying to have a sample of their performance but I could not find any on the net. Any idea?