Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cooper Moore : Digital Primitives @ Zeb 7/19/09

This was excellent! I got there at around 8:15 and they were on. I think it was about two 45 min sets, with a short break in between. These musicians are each so incredibly talented. I was really into all of it. The drum solos were outstanding.

There was also a piece where both Assif and Chad were playing thumb pianos and it sounded awesome. At some point Assif put his down and picked up the sax, but Chad kept playing his.

Cooper-Moore had that awesome homemade 1-string bass that I love, keyboards, his homemade jaw harp, and a banjo or lute, that I suspect he may have made himself. He sounded awesome with whatever he was playing.

All of this was already stellar and top-notch. Of course, Charlie Burnham brought it way over the top. He's amazing.

Yup, there was no contest this was the show for me in spite of all the great options that night.

7/19/2009 8:00 PM at Cooper Moore : Digital Primitives
Digital Primitives
Cooper-Moore on Handcrafted Instruments
Assif Tsahar on Tenor Sax
Chad Taylor on Percussion
Special guest - Charles Burnham on Violin and Mandolin

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