Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jen Shyu @ The Stone 7/1/09

I had a nice, detailed post I was working on and I accidentally deleted it. Now my memory is a little fuzzy, but I'll try to recap.

It was awesome. I figured she would have some instruments and it wouldn't be just voice. She has a great voice, which is like an instrument. She sings in English, Taiwanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

She started off on a 2 string Taiwanese Moon Lute. It's a beautiful instrument and it sounded great. I loved listening for the different sounds that could come from the 2 strings. She then moved to piano. I think after that she did a moving solo voice piece in which she was also performing the sad piece. It was great.

Then she did a few with the piano before eventually going back to the moon lute and ending with the erhu.

It was all so well-done. I think it was over an hour and captivating from beginning to end. She's very talented.

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