Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cyro Baptista @ The Stone 6/27/09

It was listed as a solo but I suspected there would be others. There were some really great others. Brian Marsela on various keyboards, John Lee on guitar, and Chikako Iwahori, the tap dancer. I scored a seat in the front row, right in front of Cyro.

While it wasn't a solo show, and the friends were phenomenal, it still felt like a solo show somehow. It was probably because I was sitting right in front of him and was fascinated with everything he was doing. He had a lot of stuff. He had a couple of hand drums and a bass drum, his barimbau, aquasonic (without water), scrunchy things, shakeres, tambourine, the metal woofer type thing, and a whole lot more. It seemed like his typical setup for the most part, which is awesome. I was reminded of some of his Banquet of Spirits stuff at times. At the end, he told us they got together that day and came up with the material.

It was very well done. I left feeling very happy. The whole band is so full of talent.

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