Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeff "Tain" Watts 4 + 1 with special guest Nicholas Payton @ Jazz Standard 7/1/09

I will never get tired of Tain and his music. I think most of it was familiar, but I do recall he mentioned a new ballad. Whatever, it was awesome. He's always mixing up with the stellar lineup and is so amazing to watch. He barely looks like he's playing, yet he's so powerful! We also got a trombone sitin that was awesome. All the solos were incredible. They featured everyone on basically every tune. It was so lively, even the 2 ballads they did back to back. I think it was around 90 minutes of wonderfulness.

Wednesday - Friday, July 1 - 3
Jeff "Tain" Watts 4 + 1 with special guest Nicholas Payton
Marcus Strickland – tenor saxophone
Nicholas Payton – trumpet
Lawrence Fields – piano
Chris Smith – bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts – drums
Jeff “Tain” Watts’ presence on any stage, whether as a crucial sideman or take-charge leader, is a sure sign of high-energy, high-quality sounds in the offing. Tonight, Tain has assembled one of his best-ever bands, featuring the articulate saxophonist Marcus Strickland and New Orleans–bred trumpet star Nicholas Payton. Watts, his latest CD re­leased through Dark Key Music, blends percussion with politics, swing with sarcasm, and improvisation with irony on an all-original program. “More and more I am enjoying composition as much as playing,” says Tain. “All good music has a common ground, whether it’s Beethoven, Ellington, or Prince...It’s all good. I’m just trying to be musical.”

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Guillermo said...

I was there for the Sunday gig, been hunting for somebody's bootleg of it ever since!! it really was a powerful set. He kind of slowed off a bit for the new "August Moon" ballad, but kicked right back in, using the horns as they are best used: cutting them loose often!