Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lily Sparks @ Webster Hall 7/10/09

I've been hearing that my friend's band, Lily Sparks is really good. I also knew this was an important night for them. They made it to the finals in a contest and it was important to come out and vote for them. It was also a chance to see them on a big stage.

I thought they were great. It's good rock with stellar vocals. I was dancing and really into it the whole time. I also had a lot of fun.

It was painful to listen to the other 3 bands I saw, though. Add the Webster Hall factor into the mix and the volume, way too loud. It was still nice to be out and I wanted to stay til the end and see the results. There were something like 14 bands, but when I got there they had a schedule posted, so I left and came back for Lily Sparks, who came on at 9:35.

Now, it wasn't quite clear how they chose a winner. It seemed like it was all about votes, which were done by raising your hand after the performance. You could vote as many times as you wanted. They had a couple of people with clickers counting the raised hands. I had been up in the balcony looking for my friends earlier and I saw a judging area, so I wasn't sure if crowd votes were all there was too it. It turned out it wasn't ...

The last band clearly had the most people. They'd been drinking all night and weren't the usual music fans I'm accustomed to being around. I was reminded of being at an old rock concert in the 80s or at a Giant's game. Sometimes a cross between both.

We were all shocked when Lily Sparks won the whole thing. They are now going to Germany next month to perform in a festival. They were clearly the best band of what I saw and deserved to win. It turned out they used the crowd votes to whittle it down to the final 8 and then the judges selected from there.

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