Sunday, April 26, 2009


Just in case you are wondering, I am going down on Thurs. It got a little "same old, same old" to go to the whole thing every single year. If you haven't done the whole thing yet, I highly recommend it. I've been scaling back lately so I can appreciate it more again. I mean, the music is great, the food is great, and it is the best time to go down there. It's just that I used to go to learn, and now I know so much. At the clubs there's not that much new stuff and now there's so much in NYC I don't need jazzfest quite as much. I am very glad I'm going. I have a work seminar right after, so I finally get to stay down there a few extra days. I'm getting psyched. I've also been in a dry spell up here. I do have some more posts for April coming, but I've definitely slowed down a little this month.

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