Monday, April 6, 2009

Will Bernard @ Highline 3/26/09

I saw there was an opening band, so I took advantage and had a nap before heading out to this once in a lifetime event. I got there a little after they started. It was as awesome as you'd expect. I don't know if I will ever get tired of this acid jazz type funk. These are all such top-notch artists.

Medeski was amazing. Stanton had my attention a lot. Do not underestimate Will Bernard or Andy Hess.

The crowd was lacking on the energy level on that rainy night. It was also less attended than something that great should be. The competition was Warren and Derek were going to show up at Sullivan Hall to play with Eric Krasno's Chapter 2. On another night, sure, that would be great to see. But, we had Medeski and a once in a lifetime stellar band. There was no competition to me. You couldn't drag me away from the 2nd set for that. Many others felt differently and left for that show.

I thought 2nd set was even better. I'm also very impressed they seemed to play at their best level in spite of the lack of energy coming from that sparse 2nd set crowd. This was so awesome, the cd is great, and I really hope we get another chance.

Will Bernard Band
Andy Hess, John Medeski & Stanton Moore

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