Friday, April 10, 2009

Borah Bergman and friends @ The Stone 4/9/09

It was great. I didn't know about Borah Bergman before. He is an excellent piano improviser. He's also a little eccentric, which makes him interesting. I walked in at 9:55 and he was ready to go, but one of the artists had stepped out. He was really ready to go and was talking about just playing as a trio or doing a solo. I'm sure that would have been great, but I loved having this quartet playing from their feeling.

It was all awesome as this was an allstar cast of improvisers. After the first few pieces, they would need a pause to get started. But, once they got started it took them no time to start feeling what was happening and contribute in great ways. They had no charts, no cues, they were really just winging it. I got them impression these 4 don't play together as a quartet that often or ever, and that makes the music they produced even more impressive.

Here's an AAJ article about Bergman. I sat behind him, but I could still see the drums well and the upper half of the bass. Louie was kind of next to me, so I couldn't see him playing his curved soprano, but he sounded awesome and I've seen him numerous times. I was very intrigued by Bergman's left hand which was moving very fast over the keys and I thought there was something different to his style. I couldn't see his right hand at all.

It was a great and special show.

Borah Bergman and friends
Borah Bergman (piano) Louie Belogenis (soprano saxophone) William Parker (bass) Michael Wimberly (drums)

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