Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reed's Bass Drum @ Bowery Poetry Club 4/18/09

Now that I know so much, I rarely check out new, relatively unknown bands. I think its important to support the lesser knowns. I like that BPC has these early jazz shows sometimes because then I don't have make sacrifices.

I enjoyed this trio. I like a good baritone trio and thought they were all talented.

I chose to go based solely on the band name and instrumentation.

It was nice, especially since it was the only thing I could make it to that night.

Reed's Bass Drum performs music through the lens of the jazz tradition. Fueled by a genuine interest in innovation, their distinctive sound is created by baritone saxophone, bass and drums. While performing original compositions or jazz standards, Reed's Bass Drum strives to provide a distinct vantage point from which to hear jazz music.


Jonah said...

Hey Terri,
Thanks so much for checking out our show at BPC, and mentioning it on your blog. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. We are playing at the Velvet Lounge in Williamsburg on June 12 if you're interested. Come by and introduce yourself.

Look forward to seeing you,
Jonah, Aaron and Noah
(Reed's Bass Drum)

Mike said...

planning on seeing them tomorrow in cleveland