Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Inside Out Band: Enrico Rava Quintet @ Birdland 3/27/09

In spite of my tiredness I had to get up to Birdland before they were gone. I couldn't remember who was in it or why, I just had it in my head that I wanted to go.

I get to wonderful Birdland and pay the $30 bar cover which includes a drink. The band comes out soon after. Oh yeah, that's right. Pau Motion, Mark Turner and Ben Street are in it. The piano player was incredible and has to go on my list. Enrico was great on trumpet. It wasn't long before I was up in my dancing spot. I even gave my barstool away to a latecomer. I was fully energized now!

It was great for my last set of music before Germany. Here's a review from AAJ.

Here's the listing from TONY:
Mellifluous Italian trumpet vet Enrico Rava comes to town with a band perfectly suited to his bittersweet lyricism and immaculate poise: Saxophonist Mark Turner, pianist Stefano Bollani, bassist Ben Street and drum giant Paul Motian join him for an engagement celebrating his most recent ECM CD, New York Days (which featured everyone mentioned above apart from Street, a fast learner).

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