Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rattlemouth @ The Stone 11/26/11

This was much more my type of music.  World influenced danceable experimental jazz.  The leader started off by telling us we couldn't dance.  If he hadn't explicitly said it, I would have gotten up and gone over to the side to dance.  I'm sure no laws would be broken since it's forbidden for 3 or more people to be moving in a synchronized fashion in an establishment without a cabaret license, but 1 or 2 is OK.  I also put The Stone down as highly unlikely it would ever be an issue if everyone danced.

It was still a lot of fun and completely enjoyable from my front row seat.  I bought 2 CDs, and I like them.  At the end of the show they mentioned they were playing at Zebulon the next night and we could dance there.  I put it on the list of potentials ...

Rattlemouth Roger Carroll, Danny Finney (saxes) Robbie Kinter (drums) Marc S. Langelier (bass) George M. Lowe (guitar) Rattlemouth emerged from the ashes of Richmond’s legendary Orthotonics in 1989. Their sound has gradually morphed from their art-punk/art-rock roots towards a Ethio-Jazz powerhouse. They blaze through spirited instrumental updates of classic tunes from around the world (Mali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cuba, Jamaica, Lebanon, etc.), plus similarly flavored originals.

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