Saturday, December 17, 2011

Caveman @ Le Poisson Rouge 12/1/11

It was the first of 3 bands for the show.  It was a bonus that it was free for members.  The listing implied it was Cyro's band, but it was actually Brian's.  Cyro was a special guest.  It was awesome.  I've seen Brian play with the guitar and bass at the Stone before... At least I think it was those 2 he played with. The music was great.  Trippy, different, and enjoyable.

From the listing:
Caveman with Cyro Baptista
The stage is dark. Softly, sounds begin to emerge from the abyss. A metallic clatter, a dull thud, a whisper…the unrecognizable vibrations reflect the blackness that surrounds them. As if in imitation of music’s first days, the reverberations build faster and more intense, until at last, a pulse emerges. The evolution quickens as more layers enter, following the now driving beat. A warped organ, clanky guitar tones, a clicky drum pattern…the texture grows louder and more complex with each successive instrument, audibly straining to reach higher, to free itself from the darkness. Then, suddenly, sound and light erupt from the stage, blasting the audience with a raucous groove, rife with raw, primal energy.

Caveman doesn’t relent as the show continues. Even as organist Brian Marsella, bassist John Buck, guitarist John Lee, and drummer Tim Keiper reveal their jaw-dropping virtuosity through rowdy, up-tempo grooves, they never lose touch with the primitive simplicity at the center of their music. Though collectively these musicians have worked with Keller Williams, Cyro Baptista, Matisyahu, Marshall Allen, Pharoah’s Daughter, The Disco Biscuits, The Transmitters, and Vieux Farka Touré, it’s as if they look more to the fabled Neanderthal banging on rocks to inspire their music.

This devotion to the elemental has earned Caveman a maniacal following all over the United States. After two albums and four years of cris-crossing the country, this band has become a force to be reckoned with on the national festival and club circuit. Currently, Caveman is working on a new studio album and will be touring in its support later in 2011. Check them out this summer and get a taste of the primal!

Brian Marsella, organ
John Buck, bass
John Lee, guitar
Tim Keiper, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion

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